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Our restaurant boasts a wide variety of western and Sri Lankan food. From traditional curry and rice to mouth-watering seafood platters, our chefs and kitchen staff prepare everything fresh and with care. We are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with seating inside or out, enabling you to enjoy the stunning ocean view whilst dining from our exciting menu. We don’t only cater to our resort guests but also to anyone looking to have an appetizing meal in an idyllic setting.

Cuisine Sri Lanka

Staple diet of Sri Lanka is rice and curry-boiled rice with curried vegetable. It can be served as lunch and dinner or sometimes as breakfast too. Sri Lankan curries are usually hot, sprinkled with lot of spices. Sri Lankan rice and curry usually includes a variety of small curry dishes made of vegetable, meat, and fish. This is a list of notable Sri Lankan sweets and desserts. Sri Lanka is well-known throughout South Asia for sweets and desserts originating from there. Desserts are usually served as part of main meals, whereas sweets are consumed at tea times. Many Sri Lankan desserts and sweets contain domestic spices, jaggery and kithul (Caryota urens) treacle. Locally made treacle and jaggery are the most common sweeteners.


Egg hoppers

Traditionally eaten at breakfast, the savoury, bowl-shaped Sri Lankan take on pancakes are delicious any time. They’re made from a batter of fermented rice flour, coconut milk, coconut water and a sprinkling of sugar, that’s cooked in a small, high-sided wok-like pan. An egg is broken into it while it cooks and it’s served with a spicy sambol.



The classic side dish, sambols are fresh and often fiery, chunky sauces, usually made with a stone pestle and mortar. Pol sambol is a mix of finely grated coconut, dried red chillies, red onion, lime juice and a dash of Maldive fish, or cured tuna.Other perennial favourites include sweet-and-sour seeni sambol, made with caramelised onion, and sharp-and-spicy lunu miris, a flavoursome fusion of onions and red-hot chillies.


Deviled Sweet and Sour Fish Curry

There are a lot of different deviled dishes in Sri Lanka. This fish was deep fried and smothered in a lovely sweet and sour sauce and lightly fried again with red onions and banana peppers. It was excellent with fried rice and a flatbread paratha on the side


Fried Salted Fish

Little fried and salted fish are a lovely addition to Sri Lankan food. Unlike saucy curry, little fish are heavily salted and deep fried so they are crunchy. Their texture and flavor goes well with a plate of vegetarian curry and rice.