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Welcome To Under Water Safaris

Situated at Under Water safris & Resort, Trincomalee, we have the most ideal location for diving. Right in front of the , Rock outcrops, and Coral gardens, which provide plenty of snorkelling, and free diving areas for the enthusiast. It also provides us with several Safe sites, for the beginner scuba diver to discover and truly appreciate the underwater experience. One can also relax in between dives, feeding, and swimming with the several large friendly green sea turtles that come right up to the shore, at the foot of our dive center.The reef begins at our feet, and spreads out to several dives sites, minutes away, for the recreational diver. Proliferate with a myriad of species ,and colourful coral beds, rocky outcrop, and underwater caverns, is a world, waiting to be explored, a world waiting for discovery ,and adventure. Dive For You provides the key to this Kingdom.Dive For You have several programs, and several dive sites, to educate, and share, our long abiding love for our Ocean world, and concerns for its environment, with the enthusiast. Providing, a safe, service oriented, and a friendly, but professional service, is our hallmark.

Why Choose Under Water Safaris


Our highly experienced dive crews are in constant attendance, advising and guiding the divers at all times. We have long experience, working and diving in all open water conditions. Our crew are always alert for any eventuality, providing a safe environment for the divers.


Our dives are well organized, and all divers are well briefed, before dives. Special emphasis is always paid to the divers safety, and safety assessments and updates are made constantly, pre-dive, as well as mid excursion


Equipped with stand by oxygen, and medical aid kits, we are always equipped for any emergency that may arise. Our crews are trained to spot any impending change in weather conditions and adjust accordingly. With our long experience in Sea conditions, Wind, tide and ocean currents, we take our divers, safely, through all dives. We seek at all times to maintain a high level of competence, and make the dives pleasurable for the initiate as well as the more experienced.


Our equipment is well maintained and constantly up-graded. 12Liter, Luxfer tanks with DIN &Yoke, tank valves. High quality scubapro regs, and scubapro Bouyancy jackets. Light-weight, 3 ml wetsuits are normally used as the temperatures are tropical.


We have years of experience, in offering training and expert guidance, to our customers, taking them through the initial stages of familiarization ,and use of equipment, to orientation with the pressures experienced underwater. Instilling confidence, and helping to enhance a divers capabilities, we help the divers, to attain their highest potential. Using well established training methods, we take the customer to a world, beyond their imagination, driven only by their own desire to experience, excel and explore, and provide opportunity to the enthusiasts to discover and extend their own personal boundaries, and also challenge and overcome any self-imposed limitations, in the ocean.



How To Learn Diving


One of the finest natural deepwater harbours in the world, located in the eastern seaboard of Sri Lanka approximately 245km from Colombo. There is an account of “Gokanna”, as it was known during the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa period, attracting great sea fares in the calibre Marco Polo and Ptolemy. The empire building British fortified it with fort Fredrick, which stands guard to this day with cannons intact, the approach of the natural harbour the other is the small Dutch fort both stand together. Famous swami rock (lovers leap) is inside the fort where one could dive into the deep water off a cliff next to one of the “Koneswaran” one of the oldest Hindu kovils on the Island. Most of the beaches in the area are wide and the water is crystal clear and one place not to miss is the marble beach, best you use the selections of hotels that will give you a bird’s eye view of the China bay.
About 16 km further north you’ll find yourself in “Nilaweli” beach with the famous Pigeon Island, the corals around the island is a great place to snorkel in our opinion and red rocks lying just 2 km offshore are reachable by small boat. The village of “Kanniyai” holds 07 wells that contain water from moderately warm water to very hot they are famous for their medicinal properties.In our opinion Trincomalle has everything on offer whether it be a beach stay, diving to a shipwreck, snorkelling in crystal clear water, whale watching across the bay, kite  


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